Types of users

Deciding which types of users which would fit into each system and device will enable us to put this information onto our wikis, which we think would be very helpful advice when undecided on the systems, or if you needed general opinions on what products fit to each user.

When it comes to users deciding on whether to choose the iPhone or Android, people never seem to be able to come to a happy medium with these to rival systems.


We have researched into the users and stereotypes, which we think best suits people who use the Iphone over the Android.

The FanBoy.
The fanboy is excited about everything apple, he has owned all previous versions of the iPhone and frequently posts on Mac forums! Fanboy blames everything and anything on AT&T!

The Unappreciative This user bought the iPhone to be trendy and fit in. they have never bought and app, and complains about how big the phone is. However refusing to swap to any other mobile phone.

The Overuser
 Unlike the unappreciative, the Overuser uses the iPhone to the full extent that is possible! This user is constantly using their phone, having apps galore!

The Desk Job 
This user owns both a Blackberry and an iPhone and can't part himself with any of them! A user who has to have everything that fits the current trend.

The Hacker A technological GEEK! Wanting to try to get their ihone to do everything and anything that its not meant to do.

The Senior Citizen This user isn't really sure how they ended up with an iPhone, doesn't have a clue how to work it, and only uses it for calls. Telling all their friends what great features it has and how amazing it is, but still complaining that they can only use it for phone calls.

The Complainer This user knows deep down that they will never change from the iPhone to any other phone, but moans hours on end about how they are going to change to Android when their contract is up!

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People who use android are normally users who don't like the iPhone brand, and therefore decide to go against trend setting to make a point. Therefore people who use these systems have a strong liking for one, therefore meaning they have a big hate for the other system.