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I think that theres no possible way to say that one of this OS's prevail other either because think that it really is dependant on what the user is planning to use the OS for. I think that more technical minded people (geeks?) such as myself prefer android because its open and gives me much more freedom as compared to iPhone OS whereas the iOS user may just want an os that merely "just works" and cannot be broken easily after a couple of app installs like on Android

Types of users by Eugene AgyemanEugene Agyeman, 01 Feb 2011 15:28

iPhone vs. Android
There is a fair argument into which phone is the better phone. Rather than comparing in depth specifications of size and weight; or which has the faster processor I believe that the usability of the actual phones is key. By this I feel that the features need to be fit for purpose, I see very little point in some one purchasing an android phone because it has more storage memory than the iPhone if the user does not wish to carry endless MP3 tracks or take and need to store thousands of images and videos. Instead I think that the phone should be purchased so the phone does what each individual customer needs it. For these reason I do not think it would be correct to recommend that either one of these phones should be chosen over the other.

Can there be an answer by Adam LongshawAdam Longshaw, 01 Feb 2011 15:18

I dont think this will happen any time soon, mainly because SMS will almost always have the advantage of reach & frequency. 95% of people who receive an SMS will read the message when they get it, you can reach them wherever they are knowing theres a definiate chance the person has read the message.

I actually do not have an Iphone myself, I am with a Blackberry but both of my sisters have an iphone, one that is the iphone4 and the other the iphone 3G. Personally, I do not see much of a difference in the two as you can download the exact same apps on it, etc. and thought only that the look of it is different. Is there more to it compared to the previous iphones? However, I heard the touch screen on it is much easier to use compared to other touch screen mobile phones from different manufacturers, such as the Samsung Touch, which I had before my current mobile and therefore decided not to go with another touch screen phone, this is a great advantage I think from Apple, as it is a quick way of messaging however struggle free at the same time. A disadvantage that I heard about the iphone though on the other hand is that especially the iphone4 freeze quite often, is that true and if so, what is the reason to it doing so?

by Sa*miraSa*mira, 01 Feb 2011 14:04

Do you feel currently there is a gender percentage between Android and Iphones? In other words, do you feel that females use an Android phone rather than an IPhone or a male uses an IPhone more than an Android or the other way round? If this is true, why do you think this is? Do you feel an IPhone is out there to appeal more to males than an Android? If so, do you feel both platforms need to make changes to appeal more too both sexes?

What do you think?

Gender Percentage by CamranCamran, 01 Feb 2011 12:47

The Apple’s Iphone and the Google’s Android phone is a battle of the beasts an endless race to become the best. But in my opinion its just more and more great features and software being packed into the phones that will probably only be used once or twice.

Some of you know what I mean you get the phone you use all its features and software and in a couple of weeks later you use it to just call and text and browse social networks. I think a phone that is made just for calling texting and social networking would be a winner in this industry.

What you all think?

Iphone & Android use… by Nick MitchellNick Mitchell, 01 Feb 2011 12:21

I have an iPhone 3G jailbroken phone that was jailbroken with PwnageTool and is running 4.1, without multitasking enabled.

Most things run fine, but lately it is crashing. The OS sometimes itself reboots, and some apps, like HootSuite, are crashing. I have the "System" app that is supposed to free up memory but it crashes too. Other apps do run though.

Here is the report from the CrashReporter directory. It is from the LowMemory<datetime>.log file:

System <b4a68c1dd954e4efe511d9d184ddf470> 15994 (jettisoned) (active)
installd <44247ae093fe84a2d931238078b64603> 303
MobilePhone <6d3241e15be58311a76700272febc6d4> 715 (jettisoned)
lsd <641da9a89f831204a623ab3301737aea> 161
apsd <42932906189ea8d5a21a2adf7e1cdbfa> 225
notifyd <27d8c4475571c65db7929769539763d5> 73
BTServer <176cd60309823ab40828bb300168e740> 208
CommCenter <6e193d8444010526b12945902fee8596> 473
SpringBoard <4e795f34878c966b35772b5044f91135> 2443 (active)
accessoryd <6a25188f645a24b167cda5e0a86d486a> 135
configd <59e3e016220c253ea3ce18ace3a86422> 393
dataaccessd <4a7c692401b95765dcba92ad1b9c219d> 466
fairplayd.N82 <3a72cddfcda627625ac7027fc3665029> 93
mDNSResponder <6ef26135ac692dacd731ae94d6b476c7> 184
mediaserverd <69d971ae7cbfd31a209fc63346cce838> 481
lockdownd <42ea439c07a218fb5a02413cb2474f83> 341
syslogd <e21a322ec8db70d1347e2093cb1110bd> 83
sbsettingsd <e9a2c6b3c8a722b2bae7541bb247b81d> 150
launchd <54436c3c7133f81855e7db956cc4a59a> 93

In iTunes it tells me I have 4.4 GB used and 2.4 GB free. Don't think this should matter much as it is separate memory space—not sure how much the iPhone needs for a swap file though.

Jail broken by Martin gilMartin gil, 01 Feb 2011 11:40

Do you think that social network integration into smart phones, such as the iPhone and Android, could replace traditional services like SMS? Now the only working example of a widespread social network type service is the Blackberry messenger service. However, with social networking services like Facebook constantly developing and changing. In addition, the fact that they are well established within smart phones via applications. Also given that, Facebook’s audience is close to critical mass, it is possible that a social networks like Facebook could become the primary non voice communications medium. Does everyone else think this might be possible?

One of the main reasons I prefer Android to the iPhone, is because, I feel Apple sort of chooses which phone you should have, for example, they only really advertise the latest phone available, which at the moment is the iPhone 4. There is nothing to be heard about the first iPhone that was brought out, and we are hearing less and less about the iPhone 3G. I like how the android manufacturers, give you a choice of which phone, there are different models available, as not every model is going to suit ever person’s requirements.

Better choice with Android? by FlowerheadFlowerhead, 01 Feb 2011 01:20

One disadvantage that I find very annoying with my Iphone4, of course is the signal. Whenever I want to make an important phone call the lack of signal can sometimes make it impossible. I have heard that this problem is due to how you hold the phone when making calls or sending/receiving text messages. I have currently seen in the media that there have been a lot of people affected by this ‘death grip’, myself being one of them as it affects me everyday when I come to using my phone. Poor reception and lack of signal is a major disadvantage! Are apple trying to find a solution for this?

One of the reasons Android has been outdoing the iphone recently is because the Android system is available on such a wide variety of different phone manufacturers' handsets and different networks, and being able to have an Android phone is a lot more affordable than the iphone. Every phone shop now stocks at least one type of Android phone, from Samsung to HTC and Sony Erisson, available from as little as £20 a month on an 18 month contract from T-Mobile, whereas there is only one type of iphone handset, which in the UK only has three official network operators selling it - Vodaphone, 02 & Orange with the cheapest price on an 18 month contract being £30 a month.

by Andrew JGPAndrew JGP, 27 Jan 2011 22:47

Apple, through its iOS software enforces a strict policy as to which sort of applications can be run on its devices, which limits how users can 'make the most' of their device. Take for example; several core components are refused access by 3rd party apps. And because apps are only available to download through Apple's dedicated app store there are no other ways of getting apps or other software onto the device, without running unofficial software on the device.

Android on the flip side takes a somewhat more relaxed approach to its software. Being part of the Open Handset Alliance see: for more information, Android’s developer Google allows software and hardware vendors to apply their own features to Android devices. Users are given more freedom as to what sort of software is run on their device and also there is less control as to what 3rd party software can do.

Throughout any of your research has a preference been revealed as to whether users prefer being behind a "walled garden" or being free to install what they please when it comes to applications?

Open Vs. Closed by Matthew ScarthMatthew Scarth, 20 Jan 2011 13:46

Market research sites have recently reported that Android has overtaken iPhone in quarterly sales. reports figures of Android = 44%, iPhone = 23% and Blackberry = 28% in 3rdQ of 2010. Granted, Android is not yet taking its gain from iPhone, rather it is Blackberry who are tumbling. But how long the closed Apple platform can hold out for against the open Android platform is up for question.

Market Share by ssmethurstssmethurst, 23 Nov 2010 11:49