The chosen topic iPhone Vs Android is exploring the background knowledge of each system for this wiki. This topic is important to both Android and Apple iPhone as they are two considerably diverse versions of the same family of product, and are therefore competing against each other. By drawing out the advantages and disadvantages of both phone systems it enables individuals to be aware of preferred system. This wiki will give users some background knowledge on both widely used systems.
Minorities of people are unaware of which system to choose, when it comes to mobile phones. If the right information and advice was provided for users they may be able to make decision considering both devices.

The iPhone Device


The iPhone is filled with gadgets and necessary tools, which create a more exciting experience; One of these gadgets is iBooks. iBooks is a "full- colour eBook reader" which also allows you to "browse the shop for books anytime" and anywhere you like. iBooks also "works with PDFs" that can be synced using "iTunes on Mac or PC". There is also the ability to "customize iBook" to your preferred reading style, this includes:” adjusting the brightness, text size and more" (

Making phone calls with the iPhone device is a simple process and can be accessed by just typing a name or a number. Also "visual voicemail lets you play messages in any order" you like emails.

Overall the iOS 4 gave users the "better experience" , although there is room for improvement to the most used functions of the device as there is still "strong rivals" such as ; Android and Blackberry. "IOS needs to innovate continually then it will gain market recognition"( iOS is also able to provide your "favorite apps" and run numerous apps at the same time without them becoming slow and "draining the battery". By using the " drag and drop tool" you can now arrange apps into separate folders which are easier to access, which are located on the home page and are quick and easy to access!

Android devices


"Android is a software stack for mobile devices”. The Android device includes an "operating system, middleware and key applications" The Android has many features, which entice users to use Android. Firstly the "Smart Virtual Keyboard" which is on the device also allows you to not only use the "virtual keyboard" but it also supports a "Physical" keyboard, it is entirely up to the user on which keyboard they prefer. Considering home screen on the Android you can now modify your home screen with "widgets", which is simply "small apps" which "pull and display live data from the Internet" ( The Android 1.5 comes with five different widgets that are already loaded onto the Home screen; "analog clock, calendar, music player, picture frame and search”. In comparison to the iPhone , Android "supports third-party widgets via the built-in application bazaar" (
One main feature of the Android is its "live folders" which hold data such as:” contacts, favorite apps, email messages, playlists, bookmarks and RSS Feeds", which is similar to the "OS X Leopard’s Quick Look feature" (

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