Advantages Disadvantages Of Iphone

There are many pro's and con's in becoming a user of the iPhone. Some of these are:



The start up of the iPhone is more rapid

The Camera Functions have become more advanced with the new camera on the front of the handset and one on the back, both 5 mega pixels. There is now the option for "facetime" which is interacting via wifi to another Facetime user.

Folders have only recently appeared in iOS. The folders help the "Home Page" to be organized, it also creates customization for the user, its is convenient and easy to find the folders and the software in each folder (

One of the main functions considering SMS and emails is the "auxiliary functions of input method”. Not only is it useful but when you come to writing a message, just typing a few letters will give you spelling suggestions.

iOS has come up with a similar "feature to the blackberry" which allows "multiple e-mail address", which enable users to access numerous accounts from "different service providers in a single inbox" (

The iPhone is able to "run multiple applications simultaneously" This is the most advanced and is not in comparison with any other Operating system.



Gmail has a function which allows specific topics to be grouped together and "show through the session way". The iPhone OS tried to use this but the result wasn't positive.

There is no real upgrade feature for the iPod. even though the new iPhone 4 operating systems has improved and become much more advanced then the older version. The iPod does not get the "nature improvement" its lacking "adjustable graphic equalizer" and a more support to help create playlists.

Most iPhones have a lock screen which Apple haven't modified, this may have been created to keep uniformity of customer habits. Although this feature may cause to missed calls.

Considering mail, The iPhone OS does not support direct attachments, this could be quite frustrating and with the novelty of having numerous email accounts all rapped into one, its a downfall on Apples side that with such advanced email functions you aren't able to attach!
Overall the iOS gives users a "better user experience" with all the features it applies, although, many of the frequently used functions of the handset need improvements. With Android and Blackberry being iPhones main rivals, it will put pressure on Apple to "innovate continually then it will gain market recognition"(

More Disadvantages of the iPhone
- Poor signal unless you hold it like a robot
- No FaceTime unless there's Internet around
- Yellow blotches on screen
- Without swype, lack of helpful apps to improve
- Bad camera for smart phones


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